Tech Support

Local, Professional and Friendly Home & Business IT Support.

Tech Support done right.

In an ever-changing & evolving IT industry, to have a locally provided IT Tech Support service is something that no one can underestimate its value. If the problem is too complex or activities required are too disruptive to your business or home environment, then we will take it to our workshop for servicing. We can sit with your staff or yourself and work out any problems by reviewing the symptoms and the procedures that took place prior to identifying that there was a problem. At a personal level, we can show how to avoid usage or procedural problems that may have caused the problem to start with.

We provide multiple avenues for our Tech Support services.

We use many different channels to support you and your users: phone, onsite service, secure remote screen sharing, and e-mail. These technologies enable us to fix your problem as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Your virtual Tech Support department.

At CBM Computers we can go a lot further that troubleshooting your computer problems. We can be part of your business team, a virtual IT department, on a part-time basis helping you plan your IT solutions, implementing them and ensuring that you are ready for your growth. We can help you to move a computer, enhance your network, upgrade your modems or hubs. We will do any of those operational tasks that would normally be done by a computer operations department.

Adhoc or structured Tech Support services available.

CBM Computers is as far as a telephone call away. Alternatively, we can set up a maintenance contract whereby we visit your site every week or month for a few hours to check things out and do regular maintenance.

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