Environment and Social Responsibilities

Drop in your unwanted tech.

Environment and Community at heart: At CBM Computers, we are mindful of a pressing reality that we have a great responsibility towards our community, and we do our best to have a positive influence on the community in which we work and live.

With rapid changes and development in IT Industry, there is an alarming environmental issue with end-of-life technology. Facilitating eRecycling of end-of-life technology is another key factor in our overall service to the community.

CBM is committed to being a responsible business, one whose practices are good for our communities, environment, partners, associates, and business.

How do we discharge these responsibilities?

  • We aim every day to do what is right, what is best, and what is fair in delivering value to our customers and maintaining a strong and viable business.
  • There are policies and procedures we have in place to guide our personal and business behavior.
  • We facilitate and ensure that end-of-life technology items are broken down and reused as secondary raw material, and we offer our customers to deliver their end-of-life technology items to our premises for eRecycling.
  • From a community perspective, we support a few local charitable organizations, such as Lifeline, Men’s Shed, Orana Support /service..
  • Sponsorship support on community-oriented projects and festivals such as Multicultural Festival and Dream Festival.