Maintenance and Support Agreement.

Our maintenance agreements can provide an economical way of addressing all your IT problems and fault location. With a maintenance agreement, we may be able to help you over the phone without having to charge you for a visit. In a business environment where you have a few workstations networked to a designated server system or cloud, having a Maintenance Agreement will be a much useful tool to eliminate much frustration and more importantly would be very cost-effective. Give us a call to discuss your IT needs for such an agreement.

Fault location becomes more critical in older computers as they wear out and become obsolete. Many parts are not in stock anymore and are difficult to find. We will advise you on the availability of parts and assess your alternative solutions.

We offer several types of maintenance contracts whereby we will visit you on a regular basis to check for problems and do routine maintenance. In many cases, such a maintenance plan can catch problems before they really become big or happen at all.