Business System Solutions.

Networking, Server Systems & Data Backup.

We set up & maintain business networks, centralised or distributed and provide various methods of offsite and onsite backups.
Computer Networking is the direction that technology is taking us. Stand-alone computers are limited in the benefits they can provide compared to two or more computers that can communicate with each other, shares hardware resources and data. The basic introduction to networking for most users today is through access to the Internet. The Internet is accessed using a modem and a communication network through your telephone line or cable company. It allows a user to see or share data on another computer on the internet. This has evolved from the early days when networks were private with limited access. These local area networks (LAN) are now affordable and easy to install in small businesses and in homes. Networking has come a long way, and Wireless access also has been part of these developments.

Local Area Networks.
A LAN can be installed using your existing telephone wiring or by running separate cables between your computers. By having your computers connected this way you can share data and files, share a common printer or have multiple printers shared by everyone. If you have internet access on one computer you can let other networked computers access the internet through the same modem. This is more effective in a work environment with several computer users.

Remote Access.
In today’s networked computing environment, with geographically dispersed employees and customers, success means staying connected with optimal performance. Keeping your network fast, reliable and secure is the key to streamlining your business, reaching new markets and gaining the competitive edge you need to increase your revenues. As connection in a networked environment gets complicated and increases in volume, installing a Server system becomes vital as a Central Connection HUB.

Data is key to you business.
Data Backup and Storage are essential to ensure recoverability of lost or corrupted data. Think of it as an insurance policy without an insurance company. It is very rare that data is lost or corrupted but it is something that can happen at the most annoying or inconvenient time. In the corporate world, planning for possible data loss may be part of the disaster recovery plan. Our service examines the type of data that you are using in the course of your business or at home. Then we sit with you to establish a plan that will satisfy your needs. Backups of your programs is already taken care of by having the software purchased from a reliable online software company or a media. The data that you need to store consists of those transactions and records that you created or calculated yourself. They may be accounting files, spreadsheets, inventory records, payroll detail, letters or other key business records. At home, it may be personal financial records, letters, photographs, projects and other records that are of value and that you would have a hard time replacing. It is advised multiple ways of Data back up to be adopted- depending on your individual business situations: Cloud backups, Backup on your Server, portable backups in or out of the premises.