Computers Repairs & Service.

Hardware Repairs.
Not ready to upgrade to a new PC or Laptop, or your computers has just gone out of warranty and your computer is having issues. CBM Computers can fix your computer and replace any parts that are faulty, whether it’s a motherboard, power supply or hard drive, we can get you back up and running and give you the option of upgrading your parts if you require. We have safety policies to negate the potential for data loss.

Software & OS issues.
Is your computer having functionality issues, don’t put up with it. We can run diagnostic, reinstall or upgrade software or OS ie. Windows 10 and get your computer performing to its full potential while protecting your data through our procedure policies.

Malware, Spyware & Viruses.
Get help getting rid of those nasty bugs providing a security risk and slowing down your machine. Don’t put up with it, sanitize your computer with CBM Computers, and have peace of mind knowing your data is safe. We can also provide you with the latest Security and Virus Software.

Get your Computers Serviced. [Home & Business Service]
Is your computer an important part of your life or business, why not ensure your computer stays up and running without problems by getting your systems and/or networks serviced either ad-hock or with our Maintenance & Support Agreement.