Our Clients Testimonials

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Jeff Hill

KK Technical Services

Colin Jones

David Bayley

Director, Lynx Printing Service

Wayne M Mawbey

Business Owner/Operator - MATILDA MOTOR INN

Cynthia Foley OAM

That was great experience! Thank You!


For the past 5 years, I have had the pleasure of dealing with Nasser and his trusty team at CBM. In our business, we have demanding customers, many times with unrealistic expectations and every time the staff at CBM have stepped up to the plate and move mountains for us. Their service has always reflected well on us as a whole and it is a breath of fresh air to be able to rely on CBM to perform our work to the high standards that our customers expect.


I first became aware of CBM Computers some six years ago while shopping for a new computer. Word of mouth testimonials from some of my friends prompted me to make my initial purchase there; a decision I have never regretted. Friendly service, highly competitive pricing and after sales service that is second to none are the hallmarks of this business, and their standards have never waivered.


For some years we have purchased our computers and associated products from CBM Computers in Dubbo. We have found them to supply quality, reliable products. We no longer go through the procedure of assessing various options when making a computer purchase as CBM’s professional, reliable and ethic approach to business has been proven to us repeatedly over the years.


CBM Computers has offered a professional, courteous and informative service whenever called on to do so. They have displayed a willingness to provide guidance with product choice as well as quality field service as and when required. They respond to our service requirements in a timely and competent manner well in line with the capability of a small business enterprise.


CBM is the perfect place to go for advice, knowing that advice given will be appropriate to the client’s needs, computer skills and knowledge. CBM offers and delivers a personal service, particularly important to the older, not so savvy generation of computer users. All done in a prompt and courteous manner.