Upgrade & Update your Computer.

Upgrade your PC or Laptop.
Not ready to replace your existing pc, need more RAM, need more Disk space, what about a better graphics card or bigger monitor, we can recommend parts or you can tell us what gear you want and we will source it if we don’t already have the part on site and as long as that part is compatible with your setup we will facilitate the build. Go bigger and Faster with CBM Computers

Software & OS Upgrades.
Is your computer running an old version of windows and you wish to upgrade, is your software out of date, we can facilitate your updates with our range of software products, ensuring your data stays safe and there a no compatibility issues. Get the latest software at CBM Computers.

Get your Computers Serviced. [Home & Business Service]
Is your computer an important part of your life or business, why not ensure your computer stays up and running without problems by getting your systems and/or networks serviced either ad-hock or with our Maintenance & Support Agreement.