Terms and Conditions applicable for any Service/Repair/Upgrade and support undertaken by CBM

Accepted by Customer on the following points:

  • It is customer’s responsibility to identify and notify CBM if the equipment is under original manufacturer’s warranty for an alternative service repair arrangement, otherwise CBM service/ repair fee payable by the customer.
  • All due professional care will be taken to safeguard Data integrity on any storage system units, but ultimately, CBM is NOT responsible for any data loss associated with service, repair and or Virus/ Spyware removal. Therefore, we strongly recommend an external Data backup unit with a regular backup process to be considered.
  • To minimize any Data loss or damage, due to customer’s hardware or software failure, we, professionally endeavor, Data to be saved externally on our system for restoring back when problems are fixed. This process is NOT predictable, and can only be identified during system diagnostic check. An extra service fee will apply for this process accordingly.
  • There are possibilities that due to unknown existing/ or ongoing hardware/ software problems ( or due to age of computer ) with customer system, data integrity on the system has been damaged before the repair is carried out by CBM. Therefore, CBM is NOT responsible for any damages may come apparent during repair process.
  • For any virus and or spyware disinfection and treatment, if customer system does not have an active and paid Internet security, to be able to carry out the service, CBM is obliged to install a paid internet security ( at this stage we recommend Trend, Bit Defender, Norton… ) for a full system scan and removal of any trace of spyware infection.
  •  There is nothing in the IT Industry to safeguard 100% virus / spyware protection. There are many internet sites and internet downloads that your system can get infected by-passing your high level of internet security. Therefore, it is totally customer’s responsibility to be aware of this alarming situation. Specially, after service is done, NOT to visit unpopular websites or free downloads.
  • There are cases that cost of repairs on an aged system is not justifiable and CBM, after a full professional assessment will consult with the customer for decision making, but a normal base service fee will apply.
  • If a repair service is carried out by CBM for a third party warranty organization/ or an insurance company on a customer’s IT equipment, the relevant parts of this agreement will apply and customer should accept responsibility accordingly.
  • CBM Service and repair Fee structure: A Base fee of $95. Ex for the first hour will apply for any job is undertaken. Extra fees will be on every Quarter- an hourly rate thereafter. Service and repair time is not predictable depending on case by case, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. For On-site service calls extra travel time will be added on service Fee. Travel cost for out of Dubbo ( from the base ) will be charged $1.0 Inc per KM travel – this Fee is subject to review by CBM at any time.
  • Repaired / or serviced items ( or products for assessment and quotation ) to be collected within One month of notification by CBM – this is a maximum period, if NOT collected, after Three months, storage Fee may apply, and the items will be disposed of. However, CBM has the legal right to pursue for recovery of Service/ Repair Fee from the customer in any practical way and legal requirement.
  • At CBM we endeavour to provide high-level professional services and do our best to attend urgent needs of our valued customers. A minimum of two days waiting for any in-store repair services would require, that is also depend on our workload and complexity of service/ repair, unless otherwise a pre-arranged time put aside for a specific job. CBM will notify customer when job is completed for the collection or delivered/ installed if arrangement is made beforehand. Urgent On-Site service and support can be arranged upon service call request, and extra fees will apply depending on its urgency on a case by case.
  • CBM reserves the right to review or amend the above terms and conditions for a better customer service and satisfaction from time to time or whenever, it may needed to be updated.